Plastic window and door system - Rehau Euro 70 and Brillant design
Rehau Euro 70 - economical 70 mm, 5 chamber system for apartments, office buildings, private houses:                                            
Installation depth: 70 mm                                                                                   
Interchangeable, flexible rubber
Camera: 5 camera
Thermal insulation: Uf = 1,3 W / K (with standard reinforcement)
Sound insulation: sound insulation up to class 4 (VDI 2719)
Protection class: up to resistance class 2 (BS ENV 1627)
Leakage Class: relevance to the class C (DIN18055)
Prospectus Rehau Euro Design 70: faili/files/Bauherren-Prospekt_Euro-Design_70_774700.pdf

Rehau Brilliant design - exquisite design a system with 70 and 80 mm  installation depth of elite housing:

Installation depth: 70 mm (can also be rounded frame with 80 mm installation depth),
Camera: 5 chamber (6 chamber)
Thermal insulation: Uf = 1,3 W / K (with standard reinforcement)
Thermal insulation: a thermally insulated reinforcement: Uf = 1,2 W / K
Sound insulation: up to the sound insulation class 5 (VDI 2719)
Protection class: up to resistance class 3 (DIN V ENV 1627)
Leakage Class: relevance to the class C (DIN 18055)
Joints are secure against condensation
Prospectus Rehau Brilliant Design: faili/files/Bauherren-Prospekt_Brillant-Design_799700.pdf

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The windows are made of various forms of plastic profiles, to suit any needs and requirements. Rehau profile window sash in the outer part is in both straight and rounded shapes.
Passive house windows with 3 glass package - Rehau Geneo 86mm 6 camera

Rehau Geneo

The New Dimension in Energy Efficient Window Systems
REHAU’s window, door and curtain walling systems bring high quality and ground breaking technology to its products which can meet the requirements for both commercial and domestic applications. Our latest GENEO® window system is manufactured using the high-tech RAU-FIPRO material resulting in windows with a reduction in energy losses of up to 76%*.

*Reduction in the energy loss from windows when replacing old wooden/plastic windows from the 80s (Uf= 1.9, Ug= 3.0) with windows made from GENEO profiles (Uf= 0.91, Ug= 0.5, window size
123 x 148 cm)

Brochure pdf - Rehau Geneo

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Roto - plastic window handle
Brochure pdf - Roto NT

Roto window handles available in different colors:
Dark bronze
Light Bronze
Roto - lockable windows and balcony door handles

When purchasing new windows and balcony doors can be fitted with lockable handles to ensure the safety of your home.

Brochure pdf - Roto NT

Roto Tilt first - children's safety. Ease of use. The window can recline ventilation mode (when locked), but the child can not open a window without a key. Can be fitted to existing windows in your house with Roto Tilt first child safety accessories.

Brochure pdf - Roto TiltFirst child safety accessories

Roto - Burglar, Security Fittings
Roto fittings safety classes:

When ordering
new plastic windows to be fitted with a Roto burglar, security fittings in accordance with
WK3 safety classes

Mushroom-shaped casement window casement fasteners difficult intrusions.
Especially Roto Secustic, closed with buttons or handles will protect against the window hardware is turning from the window outside.

More info:
Brochure pdf - Roto NT window and door accessories

Roto handle and rosette leaf:

Roto special safety handle and rosette of leaves - can open the window only by special Roto handles that are not attached to the sash. Sash decorative rosette with a sliding lid grant window attractive design.
This is a suitable solution for schools, kindergartens and public buildings to protect children against accidents.
Rehau - window profile color
Due to the Rehau window and door profiles varied colors, each customer will be able to find the best!
Rehau - Renolit foil color:

More Rehau color - Renolit foil:      1. faili/files/Prospekt_Farbkarte_700062.pdf          2. faili/files/Farbkarte_Ausserstandard_700063.pdf

Braun genarbt      Renolit nr. 851805
Golden oak           Renolit nr. 2178001
Moreiche 2            Renolit nr. 2052089
Eiche dunkel        Renolit nr. 3149008
Mahagoni              Renolit nr. 2065021
Nussbaum           Renolit nr. 2178007-167
Anthrazitgrau        Renolit nr. 701605 Ral 7016
Grau                       Renolit nr. 715505 Ral 7001
Soft cherry             Renolit nr. 3214009
Irish oak                Renolit nr. 3211005
Dunkelgrun           Renolit nr. 612505 Ral 6009
Moosgrun              Renolit nr. 600505 Ral 6005
Weinrot                  Renolit nr. 300505 Ral 3005
Cremeweiss        Renolit nr. 137905-167 Ral 9001