Scandinavian type wooden windows and doors - outward opening

We offer you the high-quality wood-made scandinavian windows, exterior doors, patio doors, patio sliding, folding sliding doors, large sliding doors.

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Dansk Vindues Certificering certificate and CE mark
    Products are labeled with Dansk Vindues Certificering certificate and CE mark label

ASSA door furniture
      Exterior doors are equipped with the company Assa 3-point locks and stainless steel handles

Window Hardware



Opening types:

Side hinged window
Side swing window
Side swing window - reversible
Top hinged window
Top sliding window
Top swing window - fully reversible

Sliding, folding sliding design, folding sliding design, large patio doors, wood exterior doors, patio doors.
Finishing materials
     Window and door trim are used for qualitative Finnish companies Teknos stain,  paints and varnishes

Scandinavian type windows and door profiles